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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are these medical assistants?

There are professionally qualified medical experts with years of experience in handling thousands of medical queries. They have collective customer feedback of all the doctors and can help you in finding the right doctor & hospital for treatment, scheduling priority appointments, getting a second opinion, comparing treatment costs across hospitals, solving TPA and insurance related issues and managing all your in-hospital processes.

What kind of queries can they handle?

They can handle any medical query you have from finding the best surgeon for your case, comparing surgery cost across different hospitals to even arranging air ambulance if required.Irrespective of your medical need, Mayden will be your 24 X 7 medical assistant

How can I contact a medical expert?

1.You’ll be directed to the right medical expert.

2. You can also request a callback here, and our medical representatives will reach you shortly.

Do I have to pay anything for talking to a medical expert?

No, you can talk to a medical expert for FREE

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